Congressional Inquiry - Great Idea!

""In previous Republican Congresses the fact that a criminal investigation was under way did not prevent extensive hearings from being held on other, much less significant matters,"- House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi

I've been thinking....since Democrats have been yaking about having congressional hearings on the Plame Game, no matter what the special prosecutor comes up with, I say, "Why not?"

Let's start by subpoenaing Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, Senator Chuck Schumer, Former CIA Director George Tenet, and whoever in the CIA handled the recommendation of Ms. Plame to send Joe Wilson to Niger. Let's see how this whole event came about!

While we're at it, let's call Senator Kerry as he needs to answer questions about how Joe and him were such
"buds" during the 2004 election. We're they buds in oh, 2002, 2003?

While we're at it let's ask Senators Kerry and Lugar who outed a REAL uncover agent back in April during the Bolton hearings. I mean, a law was broken here, wasn't it? Well then! Let's get it all out! Who lied to who? Let's not just start at the leak, but back at the beginning, when Valerie Plame thought that Niger Report was just a "crazy idea".

I'm going to be that those above would not be too eager to let that happen. just a guess.