Saturday, July 23, 2005


Did You Know?

Ex-agents rip Bush on CIA leak

Did you know that at least two of these "ex agents" appearing in the Democratic dog and pony show, were at one time or another assigned with or worked with Valerie Plame at the CIA?

Jim Marcinkowski, along with Larry Johnson were both instrumental in getting the Senate Intelligence Committee to look into the Plame Game, and then all but disappeared when that investigation showed Wilson to be a fraud.

In addition, I am told that Jim and Larry trained with Valerie in 1985, and they all go way back....waaaay back.

There is more to follow on these two "ex agents", as soon as I get it together.

Oooh, What's that smell?........Oh yeah, CYA at the CIA.

I can also tell you to look for a LOT MORE ex-CIA activity in the coming weeks. According to my source, they are pulling out the stops at the "office". This is really going to get interesting.

Covered this here too.

For more on Mr. Plame's Game, read Ben Johnson's article, Joseph Wilson's Amazing Left-Wing Dreamland"

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