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The Duck and the Donkeys

Bush Victories Delay Lame Duck Status

"WASHINGTON, July 31 (Reuters) - Two months ago, President George W. Bush faced accusations that he was out of touch with Americans, had lost his touch with Congress and was looking at a cold, lonely second term.

But after Bush won key battles in Congress over energy and trade legislation, political analysts were not ready to write him off yet as he prepared to spend August back home in Texas.

And the White House, battered for weeks over questions about a CIA leak probe and frustrated that Bush's signature issue, changing Social Security, had failed to gain traction, was ready to do a little bragging to reporters who had questioned whether Bush had become a lame duck far earlier than normal in his second term.

"All I know is that there was a lot of coverage saying, two months ago, that the president wasn't going to get anything done on the domestic agenda, that he was maybe entering lame duck status, and the facts say otherwise," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said."

When history is written about President Bush's two terms, one thing will stand out. More than Iraq, judicial nominees, more than Plame Gate - this time will say more about the Democrats than the Republicans.

One key paragraph in this article:

"Democrats who have fought Bush at every turn this year were as combative as ever. They criticized the energy bill as favorable to special interests, and hit Bush on the leak probe and for nominating conservatives to judgeships."

When you look at the democratic party since 2000, one thing comes to mind - 'bitching'. Their entire party platform has been one continual bitch session from day one.

The Democrats remind me a lot of an aunt I used to have - she passed away some time ago. She was a nice enough lady, but she was also a pain in the butt sometimes. You see, she complained and moaned and bitched about everything. She never had a positive thing to say about anyone, or anything.

She reminds me a lot of the present Democratic Party, or should I say, “Party Poopers”.

For the last five years they have ranted, accused, raved and screamed about everything, but without saying anything. When you look at the lunatic fringe of the left in this country there was a time when you could distinguish the difference between them and "mainstream" Democrats. But no more. The Democratic Party has been high jacked by the far left and now they are far out there with them - I mean way out there. This isn’t all the Democrats. There are some fine Democratic leaders but by and large the lunatic fringe has defiinately taken over.

I noticed that every time you ask a Democratic Operative a question he spins it off like a child caught doing something wrong. “What about that other guy?” “What about Johnny, you never yell at him!” It’s always “the other guys fault”. Notice that when a democrat is accused of something they scream, yell, accuse? Where have you seen this behavior before. Look no further than Kindergarden for your answer.

The Democrats have the media on their side for sure, that really isn’t debatable. CBS proved this by creating a story based on faxed documents. Their motive? The memos had “Bush” written on them. Seems to be the only litmus test you need for the left. If you want to sell a lot of Books just make up a story about how you and George used to chase skirts and smoke doobies instead of going to ‘Nam and I guarantee you, you’ll be on 60 Minutes in a flash.

You've got the same thing going on now with the "Plame Game", where the MSM is presenting the story they want you to believe about the "leak". Carefully crafted and designed to "Get Bush"; instead of telling you the truth that they haven't a clue and in fact ignoring that there are more journalist implicated than any other persons.

Yet 'proof' or 'reality' isn’t the issue for Democratic Leaders such as Senator Pelosi, Reid and Kennedky. “Bush Sucks” is the only headline that moves at the networks. Just looking at Senator Nancy Pelosi's insane accusations of "bribing" in regards to the pass of CAFTA, is enough for me to pull the sharp objects out of her reach.

The fact is that no President in recent history has taken the heat that has been thrown his way by negative books, so called documentaries, fabrications, and outright lies, and has held his grace and dignity, and the office of President like George W. Bush. While he has been called ‘stupid’; he ‘can’t talk’, he ‘can’t read’, etc, he continues to thrive when it comes to his agenda. He is getting things done in spite of being 'nipped at the heals' at every turn.

Just about every imaginable thing has been thrown at him from day one. Yet he hasn’t lashed back. Give me an example where he "got down in the mud" and returned the insult?

You'd be hard pressed.

Is he perfect - no, but considering Clinton, he's light years ahead. I really makes me laugh when I hear or read the left talk about corruption in "this present administration". Take a look between this and the Clinton Administration and there is absolutely no comparison.

When Clinton was being impeached for lying about getting his "jollies" while ordering troops into battle, he sent his wife to the media to claim a "vast right-wing conspiracy”. Of course they bought it. Forget about what was the real truth - "You're husband is a weasel", instead the message the MSM sent out was "He wouldn't have gotten his jollies if that Right Wing Conspiracy would just leave him alone and stop stressing him out!"

No administration owned the MSM more than the Clinton machine - and still does.

Bush has never done anything remotely like Clinton's "finger pointing". Yet without answering a word, nor hiding behind his wife, he has remained cool and collected. No, the polls aren't as good for sure now, but then polls about Republican's are rarely good - consider the source of the polls.

I would say he's doing better than most would, considering the five year onslaught that Democrats, the MSM have raged on him. In fact, it's a wonder he is in office at all!

During 2004 MSM, in colusion with the Democrats had you believing that Bush was through - that John Kerry and the Wonderboy Edwards were going to sweep the Nation! But four million votes later - Mr. Kerry went back to jet skiing, Edwards to suing the hell of people, and combing his hair. Why did Bush win? Because aside from the doom and gloom that was presented when the left and their partners in the MSM threw everything they had, when it got right down to it, the American public can see that he is a kind, honest and decent man.

Like I said, the Democrats remind me of my Aunt, they are always complaining, but saying nothing. They're never happy, everything is dark and sinister and dead and decaying.

Though I loved her, I didn’t like hanging around Aunt too much, I couldn’t stand the negativity.

I got a feeling that a lot of voters are feeling the same about the Democratic Party right now.


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