So much for the weekend. Forget Natalee,..

24 hour wall-to-wall coverage of the "Battle" brewing for the Supreme Court Nominee that will replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

Well forget all that coverage. Let me tell you what's going to happen:

President Bush will pick a right of center nominee.

Democrats will balk, then form at the statue of FDR wearing "Bush Lied, People Died" T-shirts, while holding up a copy of the Downing Street Memo in one hand and a "Remember Abu Grab" sign in the other.

Senator Henry Reid makes a speech about the "Pesky US Constitution", although he admits he hasn't a clue what it says.

Senator Nancy Pelosi makes a rambling speech about the "grotesque" choice of President Bush. Then complains about the "lighting" or something like that.

Senator Kennedy....well, he's drunk, but he bucks up and reinterates the need for the Senate to make the nomination and the President to go along with that nomination. He then realizes his gaff, "No, that's not right, it's.....(hic!)....oh, what's his name 'Osama Bama, Bin Namba!?!"

Senator Joe Biden: "What, hey! I'm a good choice, what in the hell is wrong with me?"

In the end Senator Frist declares that because of the obstruction of the Democrats - who have camped at the statue of FDR on a hunger strike and refuse to attend hearings - the prior 'agreement' of the 14 is void, and invokes the Nuclear Option. Thus President Bush's nominee is confirmed by a majority up and down vote.

Senator Kennedy pours another bourbon, mumbles something about "bastards".....


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