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Fox News - It's John Roberts

Fox News Alert

Heh, heh....."Rove who"....heh, heh...

"we continue to believe that Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided and should be overruled."

Let's rumble!!

Welcome Blogs for Bush readers, shop around! Goes for you lurkers too!


Robert's bio here still touting "Fire Rove" Commercial.......(yawn)

President Bush THANK YOU for keeping your promise!

Running updates below

NOW: "Bush Picks Anti-Roe Judge...Women's Lives on the Line"

NOW - Propaganda about Judge Roberts here.

My, my, we ARE so angry!

Michelle Malkin is keeping track of updates.

Hugh Hewitt a must read.

Hugh: "It may be too much to hope for, but it is possible that Senate Democrats will not try to destroy Roberts because they will realize they can't. The left's hard core will not be happy, but those Gang of 14 Dems must know that Roberts presents no vulnerabilities at all, much less those that rise to the level of "extraordianry circumstances."

Oh, Oh...Leaky Pants Leahy and Chucky Cheese Schumer are speaking on Fox News. Yep, they are gearing up for a fight all right!

Leaky - Criteria for the Supreme Court are different that of the Appellate Court". Leaky, is saying "No questions are off limit".

Chucky - Only has two years on the bench......personal views unknown.....must answer a WIDE range of questions......The BURDEN IS ON THE NOMINEE. I voted against Roberts when he came up to the appellate, because he didn't answer my quesitons....(sic).

Do you think that Leaky and Chucky will remember the "Ginsberg Rule".......NOT!!

Durbin, is throwing down the gauntlet......also voted against Roberts before.

WHO CARES - These dopes aren't going to vote for him anyway. Damn it's good to win elections!

Via the Corner: "NO DOWNSIDE" [Rich Lowry]

"Quick take from someone monitoring how it will play politically: “Roberts and Luttig were the most-qualified possibilities. Roberts is brilliant and solid. He has a good temperment and he's very likable. There's no downside. Fred Thompson is going to have a very easy time bringing him around. And Bush has kept his promise to nominate someone in the mold of Scalia and Thomas. It probably helps that he's already been here in Washington, the way Scalia and Thomas were. He's not going to 'grow' here.”

Bill Kristal on Fox: "Roberts could move to the Chief slot if and when it opens"....hmmmmmm

Heh, Planned Parenthood is "concerned".

Captain Ed is a faster typer than me! He's got the TV on and pecking away!

National Clergy Council is pleased.

Alliance for Justice? is not. A quote from their press release:

""One wonders why, unlike some reported to have been on the president's short list, Judge Roberts has the support of not only mainstream conservatives, but the radical right as well."

Ooo, oooh, I can answer. First he promised to do it, second we elected him because he promised, third, he kept his promise. What's so difficult to understand?

Darn it! I should have put fifty-bucks on Roberts!

Sorry, that "dog" won't bite.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), promises a fight. Heh, you know what I'm thinking, but I won't mention it.

Aaron Brown on CNN looks like he's going to cry. Now CNN is talking about his abortion views, the Florida Recount....sheesh!

By the way, anyone hear Joe Wilson's take on the nomination? Just wondering...

Senator Killer Kennedy comments here.


"This is a critical moment for this country's future. If John Roberts is confirmed, he will have a vital role in setting the direction of the country for generations to come. (Yaawwwn!)

The Supreme Court is often the last line of defense for the freedoms and liberties for hundreds of millions of Americans. Few responsibilities of the Senate are more important than reviewing the qualifications of nominees for the Supreme Court. Every Senator, Republican or Democrats, has a responsibility to determine whether Mr. Roberts deserves to join the currently closely divided court when so much is at stake. It¹s wrong for any Senator to be a rubberstamp."

Darn, another "Ney" vote!......heh


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