Gitmo Works!

Newsmax: Pat Roberts: Gitmo Grillings Protect US

Excerpt: "Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kans., said Sunday that U.S. interrogations of al Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo Bay have helped foil London-style bomb plots against America.

Noting that he had just returned from an inspection tour of the U.S. detention facility, Roberts told "Fox News Sunday, "I was tremendously impressed by the terrorist interrogation that is continuing down there.

"That kind of interrogation is providing 50 to 60 percent of the intelligence that we need to stop an attack like [London]," Roberts contended."

The left infested MSM is ever trying to tell us that the US is begging for it; That the US is torturing detainees, ripping up Qurans, and screwing up in Iraq. Yet the fact they cannot deny is that NOW - unlike in the Clinton Administration past - we are doing intelligence right.

No, it isn't perfect and there is much room for improvement (border control for instance), But the fact that we have not had an attack on this soil since 9/11, is testimony to our efforts, and it is something to be grateful for. Gitmo Works!