If you want to write about - read about it.

Once again, the media is reporting a case AFTER the military has already handled it.

In one of my college journalism classes, I remember a Professor saying, "If you want to write about it - read about it"

I haven't written much on the Gitmo/ Abu Grab issues but after reading the multitude of reports, opinions and bloviatings, I found there is an amazing amount of ignorance around the issue, specifically with how the miltary handles Prisoners of War, and more specfically Civilian Internees.

As a career military kind of guy, I know a little about the subject of processing detainees, practiced it, and even taught it more than a few times during my stint.

This link is from my Army Field Manual on how POW's and CI's are treated. It's been around for a long time and is very specific to how you process both groups.

My suggestion to members of the MSM, bloggers, etc. who write about it- READ IT. Then when you see the reports of abuse you might just be able to find out whether or not it really took place, or personnel were just following the rules.