Robert Redford (channeling his role in All the President's Men), want the journalism world to investigate President Bush.....

"But the shock revelation (Mark Felt came out of the garage) has reminded the actor of the power of the media and the similarities between Bush's secret cover-ups and the Watergate affair.

He says, "There are deep similarities going on but where is the press? where is the press?"

"There is stone-walling, not telling the truth, getting people under wiretaps. The US public continues to be told things that are not true and what worries me is that we have these brave young American guys risking their lives everyday."

Want to know why Hollywood is tanking at the box office? Didn't these putzes learn anything from Election 2004 - i.e.; no one gives a damn what they think?

Does Mr. Redford even read the newspapers? Can he read? No President in recent history INCLUDING Mr. Nixon has had as much investigation; negative news coverage as had President Bush.

For those under 30, Robert Redford is a has-been actor from the 60s (forget the 70's - "The Way We Were" yuk! ). Yet Robert is a little on - how should i say this - the RED side? He never has missed an opportunity to slam American. I always say, consider the source.

Speaking of source, here is a little tidbit on "Mr. America".

"In January 2004, Redford paid a visit to Cuba, to give a private viewing of his new Motocycle Diaries, a 'documentary' about Che Guevera, the Argentinian Communist revolutionary and Cuban guerilla. Ostensibly, the trip was to show the film to Guevera's widow, son, and two daughters. (She had provided Redford with the diaries on which the film is based.) But seems Casto paid a personal visit to Redford in his Havana hotel. Castro and Guevera, of course, were comrads in arms in the late '50's. And Redford apparently went suba diving with Castro back in 1988. No biggie. Just friends. "Im very happy to be in Cuba," Redford said, again."

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