John Podhoretz thinkens the "Plame Game"

New York Post: John Podhoretz: SCANDAL IMPLOSION

New York Post Columnist John Podhoertz writes this morning:

"In the Cooper e-mails just surrendered by Time to the prosecutor looking into the Plame case, "Cooper wrote that Rove offered him a 'big warning' not to 'get too far out on Wilson.' Rove told Cooper that Wilson's trip had not been authorized by . . . CIA Director George Tenet . . . or Vice President Dick Cheney. Rather, 'it was, [Rove] said, Wilson's wife, who apparently works at the agency on WMD [weapons of mass destruction] issues who authorized the trip.' "

There's no mistaking the purpose of this conversation between Cooper and Rove. It wasn't intended to discredit, defame or injure Wilson's wife. It was intended to throw cold water on the import, seriousness and supposedly high level of Wilson's findings.

While some may differ on the fairness of discrediting Joseph Wilson, it sure isn't any kind of crime.

"Rove was suggesting to Cooper that that folks lower down in the CIA than its own director commandeered the process so that the husband of one of their own could get the gig. And the husband in question then went and misrepresented his findings to various journalists (The Washington Post's Walter Pincus and The New York Times's Nicholas Kristof) and then in his own now-famous Times op-ed."

'Commandeered the process'? Why? Was this whole, "Let's send Wilson (who doesn't like the administration anyway),to Niger",business basically just a bunch of CIA anti-administration, desk jockies 'fudging' authorizations to get Wilson to take the trip SOLEY to discredit the Administration?" Sort of a coup?

If so, what was Plame's direct involvement? Or to borrow that overused phrase - "What did she know, and when did SHE know it?"

That's what we have to find out, that is the REAL story of this entire affair.