Lets' Get Ready to Rummmmmble!

Supreme Court Justice O'Connor retiring

Justice (Swing!) O'Connor, is stepping down. The media is rocked!

This couldn't be better! Make no mistake this a going to be a battle royal the likes of which we haven't seen.

Yet the nominee for her replacement (which has already been made I believe - they've been working on this for years), is the opportunity to put the court back on the path it was intended for by our founding fathers.

Yet expect no nomination announcement until after the recess. Yeah, Reid, Kennedy and the rest of the num-nuts of the left are going to stall and hem and haw..."

Heh, "Planned Kill Your Baby" statement from their website:

"Today, Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the U.S. Supreme Court after 24 years of service. O'Connor — the first woman ever to sit on the court — was known as a "swing" justice. For the most part, she supported the idea that the Constitution protects women's right to choose abortion, although she permitted restrictions on this right. The Senate must now move slowly and deliberately to confirm a new justice who supports reproductive health, access to abortion, and the right to privacy."

heh, heh,

That idea, that the "Constitution supports a woman's right to slaughter her baby", is exactly why you aren't going to like the President's nominee or the changes to come.

As to the obstruction that is sure to come?

"Nuclear Option Revised" anyone?