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Liberal Loser News - "Sinclair is Not Fair!"

After 50 years of monopoly on MSM, the left is crying foul at the coming predominance of "right wing" broadcasting. touts Sinclar Action which is trying force Sinclair Broadcasting's "The Point" with Mark Hyman to have a "counterpoint" view. Since obviously Sinclair has refused to this point, the Sinclair Action has started it's own counterpoint.

Here is a "Waaaah" blurb from their site:

"On every nightly "local" newscast, Sinclair-owned and -operated stations are required to broadcast "The Point," a two-minute "news and commentary" segment of one-sided conservative commentary by Mark Hyman, Sinclair's vice president for corporate relations. "The Point" is part of a larger package of content that is broadcast from News Central, Sinclair's Maryland-based nerve center, and integrated into all of the "local" evening newscasts on Sinclair-controlled stations. "The Point" is currently presented on Sinclair stations without any balance or counterpoint.

According to a 2004 Baltimore Sun article, "roughly 1.8 million American adults" watch "The Point" every day. Hyman's biography on the News Central website puts the figure at 2.5 million viewers. According to the Sun, even the lower figure "puts him in the company of far-better known pundits," including FOX News Channel hosts Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

On "The Point", Hyman makes baseless attacks on those who hold different opinions from his, promotes pending Republican legislation, and consistently presents one-sided conservative rhetoric (much of which is similar to Republican talking points on issues ranging from Social Security to Medicare). During the 2004 election cycle, Hyman consistently provided false and distortion-filled attacks on Democratic candidate John Kerry." (sniff, sniff - "dirty rotten rightwingers!)

We'll leave those "proven facts" about John Kerry for another time (btw, they were never discredited - but he was!).

Sinclair-Action's site is hilarious to say the least. They criticize Sinclair for only presenting one side (their right), but then the only "counter" arguments they offer are like the quote above - laced with venom.

The point is since when did it become "unlawful" to be right wing? Sinclair broadcasting you'll remember came under presure last year when it was reported that they would air "Stolen Honor". Left-wing groups flew into a rage and wrote the sponsors of Sinclair broadcasting to get them to provide a "counterpoint". Sinclair ended up showing the piece and added counter points - which is what they intended all along. Left-wing groups like MoveOn jumped the gun - typical.

Talk about censorship!

Of course the supposed "righer of rights" Media Matters is behind all of this. Started as a poor attempt to counter L. Brent Bozell's Media Research, they are simply nothing more than a George Soros propaganda project, although I had to dig to find that out as they are very secretive about their funding (for a reason). Media Reseach provide a full financial disclosurehere.

Again, typical for a leftwing hack organization. Come on! Show us the money if you're so "up front!"

Back to the point. Why doesn't Media Matters ever attack the LA Times, or the NY Times or C-BS, or NBC? Simple - those outlets are decidedly left wing in their reporting and approach, so they are no threat to the left at all.

You see they don't want "balance" they want to shut up the Right - it's that simple. Why? Because for the first time in 50 years the policies and agendas and socialist drivel of the left is being exposed for what it is - Anti-American bird poop!

All these efforts of their of course aren't having any affect. Conservative values are beginning to take over the airwaves the political landscape and soon the Supreme Court. They have lost their stranglehold on America and with our current momentum they are not going to get it back.

Not that they won't go without kicking and screaming. But it is absolutely hilarious to see them implode in the process.

"Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad"


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