Live to fight another day?

Liberals ready to abandon US right to abortion


"Last autumn, in the midst of a presidential election, America's Democrats were fighting furiously to protect what they described as a constitutional right - to have an abortion.

But in an extraordinary turn of events, some argue that it is the single issue standing in the way of their election prospects. They are daring to say what once was regarded as heresy - that it is time to let the argument go.

Abortion may still be the most divisive issue in the US, but in a move indicative of creeping conservatism, Democrats now seem happy to amend - even relinquish - their position on it."

Could it be that some liberals are reading the "Writing on the Wall" and know that their rule of the Courts is about to end?

Will this cause a divide between the NOW, Michael Moore, liberals from their "mainstream"?

No doubt that Democrats sealed their defeat in 2004 by sticking to the ultra-left. Hillary is beginning to distance herself from Moonbat City, although she still comes out from behind the mask every once in a while.

This is interesting. I'm getting on the phone with some contacts to verify some of this tomorrow.