Thursday, July 21, 2005


London Bomb Alert

London police chief confirms four explosions in city....details to follow

"LONDON - Emergency services rushed to three London Underground stations in London on Thursday after reports of explosions two weeks after bomb attacks killed more than 50 people in the British capital. The city shut down the entire subway system following the incidents.

London fire brigade said smoke was seen coming from one train and there were also reports of a minor explosion on a bus in the Hackney area of east London. Its windows were blown out.

Sky TV showed live footage of a double-decker bus parked by the side of the road and said its windows had been blown out. In the footage, there was nobody on board or nearby and the streets appeared to have been cordonned off."

Police Confirm blasts - Blair to speak at 9:15am
Bastards have done it again, updates to follow....First on 7/7, this on 7/21 coming in "7"s.....ancient symbol for "perfection"?..

Time to get this accomplished Mr. Blair!

Michelle Malkin, Captain Ed, and Wizbangblog collecting info as well.

Small device on bus detonated, no structure damage to the bus, no injuries reported.

Keep up at Counterterrorism Blog.

BBC keeping log of events.

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