Mr. Fineman - Just can't keep it clean

Newsweek - Howard Fineman: Paying ‘the Base

Howard Fineman, who I admire as a good writer and I've liked a lot of his stuff. Here he praises what he calls the "brilliance" of President Bush's pick of John Roberts, and then unleashes his "true feelings".

"This kind of personality is rare in politics, even rarer in the city of Washington. Bush likes to pull surprises, but only on matters of timing. George Bush hides in plain sight, a tactic that works here, since everyone always assumes the game is all about misdirection. Bush said he wanted to choose justices in the Scalia-Thomas tradition. Why would anyone think that he wouldn’t follow through on that promise?

Nice, Howard ....very nice and true by the way!

Then Howard just HAS TO slip this in...

"Doggedness is not necessarily the same thing as candor, by the way. Once Bush decided to go to Iraq—and that may well have been before he was elected—he was going to go there, come hell or high water. He isn’t always forthcoming, shall we say, about the facts and the law that support, or don’t support, the course he’s set. But he’s damn well going to “git ’er done,” to use the parlance of the Cable Guy."

Damn! He just can't write an article without giving the "Michael Moore" approach! What IS it with these guys?

Yeah, Howard,, So Bush is brilliant ....BUT he's a liar, liar pants-on-fire! Right?

Thanks Howard! Oh, and by the way bro, stuff "puppy-dog" loyal references - we can go to the Democratic Underground for that kind of crap!

Next time back UP your pre-Iraq War accusations with a little things your liberals have a problem with FACTS.

You know, where I come from a punk throws a rock from behind a bush!