No Mr. Russert - Britain isn't Spain

Will London now follow Madrid on Iraq war?

MSNBC: The group claiming responsibility has said this is punishment for Britain's involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. What's the backlash going to be, considering there was already enormous opposition to the war in Iraq among people in Great Britain?

Tim Russert: This is a key question. Remember what happened to Madrid in 2004. The voters of Spain changed governments and withdrew from participation in Iraq. Tony Blair's challenge is the same as George W. Bush's: to try to convince the people of their country that this would happen even more times but for the involvement in Iraq. Link Iraq to the war on terror and suggest that this is part of what they are confronting as a war president and prime minister."

Typical of the MSM to turn a tragedy into a political statement. I knew it was only a matter of time before some idiot in the MSM would make this stupid comparison between Spain's cowardice under fire, and a possible Britain pull out of troops from Iraq.

Mr. Russert needs to talk with people of London today. They've learned a hard lesson. It isn't the appeasement of cowards that will stop terrorists from murdering innocents, they will attack regardless.

Spain pulled it's 1200 or so troops because of a "Political" advantage - winning an election. Tony Blair, like President Bush, has consistently bucked the polls in his country, and despite this, won Britain's election because deep in the heart of every Briton, they know there is right now nobody better at the helm.