Nuke 'em till they Glow!

Reid won't rule out filibuster over Supreme Court nominee

Ah Harry Reid, what can I say...

"RENO, Nev. (AP) - Sen. Harry Reid said Thursday he hopes to avoid prolonged political battle over a Supreme Court nominee and is encouraged by President Bush's efforts to reach out to Democrats for advice.

But the Senate Democratic leader said the nature of the confirmation proceedings ultimately will depend on whether Bush taps a "mainstream conservative" or someone further to the right of the political spectrum to fill the high court vacancy.

"The president has started a consultive process," Reid said in an interview Thursday.

"Constitutionally that's the right thing to do. I appreciate his having done this," he told The Associated Press.

"As to whether or not there's a knockdown, drag-out fight on this is up to the president," Reid said before giving a keynote address at a Reno conference on aging.

"I think we're headed in the right direction," he said, stopping short of ruling out a filibuster. "

Ah, that "Pesky constitution"....

Except Reid, like Kennedy, seems to have a different version than I have. Whatever.

Filibuster if you will Reid. No problem.

Nuke Option. No problem at all.