Oh, Oh....Wilsonian moment must have hit a nerve!

Reading two liberal blogs; America's Blog and "factsmachine" (clearing throat..), You see the both spining the Wilson "opps" moment on CNN so fast the wheels of sanity are coming off.

Both are picking up up on the Wilson's explaination on Friday that, "I didn't mean that, I meant this...I must have misspoken..." crap.

Both are panning Drudge for "twisting" poor little Joseph's words out of context. Well let's review for a moment, this transcript from the CNN interview.

"BLITZER: But the other argument that's been made against you is that you've sought to capitalize on this extravaganza, having that photo shoot with your wife, who was a clandestine officer of the CIA, and that you've tried to enrich yourself writing this book and all of that.

What do you make of those accusations, which are serious accusations, as you know, that have been leveled against you.

WILSON: My wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity.

BLITZER: But she hadn't been a clandestine officer for some time before that?

WILSON: That's not anything that I can talk about. And, indeed, I'll go back to what I said earlier, the CIA believed that a possible crime had been committed, and that's why they referred it to the Justice Department.

She was not a clandestine officer at the time that that article in Vanity Fair appeared. And I have every right to have the American public know who I am and not to have myself defined by those who would write the sorts of things that are coming out, being spewed out of the mouths of the RNC..."

Well he did talk about her "status" in his book and on numerous other interviews. Notice he didn't say, "On the day", he said, THE day - meaning she wasn't then a covert op, and as USA Today revealed, she hadn't been for a while.

I do believe this guy has a pathological disorder and it looks like it's spreading...

On another site, "Crooks and Liars" (I thought at first by the name it was the Bill Clinton Library site), there is post about where Lawrence (liar, lair, pants on fire!) O'Donnell is supposedly refutes the Wilson opps moment.

"On KCRW, Left, Right and Center, Tony Blankley tried to use the new trick of Valeri not being an active operative in the CIA by using Joe WIlson's Wolf Blitzer segment. Lawrence O'Donnell corrects Blankley by making the obvious point that Valeri Plame had to be an operative or else there would be no case:


Here’s what I think is definitive on this question. Patrick Fitzgerald has represented to the courts that he is pursuing a serious, national security, criminal violation. It seems to me in this grand jury, witness number one -- and Tony you’ve been a prosecutor, you know how they assemble cases -- witness number one would have been a CIA administrator who comes in and testifies about how Valerie Plame does indeed fit the law’s requirements. Because if witness number one doesn’t do that successfully for the prosecutor, there is absolutely no reason to call witness number two, because there is no crime to investigate."

First, Lawrence doesn't have a clue what's going on in that investigation. If you want to cite experts, pick the ones who have been all over the airwaves, two of which actually help draft the law, who state Valerie did not meet the criteria.

The fact that there is so much "damage control" going on about the Wilsonian Slip, is proof it really upset the "Valerie was a covert dammit!" Argument. Because it pretty much slams the door on the original point of the investigation, Wilson was all over the place on Friday trying to say, "What I said is not what you heard, which is not what I meant" drool. Sounds like Clinton's "depends on what sex means"; these guys never cease to amaze me!

Which leads to the belief by myself and many others that Fitzgerald has gone beyond the original scope. A Grand Jury isn't a trial, it is an "investigation in progress" and as such is fluid with new things being discovered. Again, if I were Wilson I might want to shut up for now. As for Valerie - did she go 'under' again? I mean, this lady hasn't been anywhere to be seen. Her husband is out there, her 'friends' are out there...

"Absense is the sign of guilt" a prosecutor told me once....