Plame Game Question of the Day:

The first of a continuing series of questions I have looked at in investigating the Plame Game

For today: "What do Time Magazine Reporter, Matt Cooper, his wife,Mandy Grumwald, Joe Wilson and John Kerry have in common?"

The answer is for now, I don't know. For instance I do know that for a while there in the 2004 election, Joe was John's 'man". Mr. Kerry held Joe up in high esteem - even paid for his website "" (giggle). Notice the bottom, "Paid for by John Kerry for President" at the bottom.

So everything was smooth between them until Joe got caught with his lies in the teacup then "woosh", all reference to Joe from John Kerry's site, campaign and even Joe's website itself, were gone.

Could it be that Mr. Kerry got rid of Joe not because of the lies, and the potential damage to his campaign, but because something he knew about Joe's trip to Niger, that after Joe became "damaged goods", he wanted to distance himself as far as possible?

Of course that is speculation. But as I look this thing, there are too many "coincidences" to count. After all Matt Cooper's wife is Mandy Grunwald - Democratic adviser to Hillary Clinton and to the Kerry Campaign. Although not a crime, it still itself would bring Matt Cooper's objectivity under a little bit of scutiny in my book. Especially when it has come to light that he made all the phone calls in the first place.

As you know I've been looking over this from the theory that the whole Niger visit business was in fact a plot by rogue anti-iraq-invasion operatives in the CIA. I have some experience in Va, and I'll tell you that for a desk jocket analysist to even try to recommend anyone for anything and get it high enough up the chain is impossible, EXCEPT if you are "helped along" by some of the chain.

I'm getting some information together now on that - you wouldn't believe how many of my old contacts are yaking about this up in Va. One told me there is a little nervous apprehension that the "walls could come tumbling down" over this whole deal - we'll have to wait and see.

What also remains to be seen is who else get's caught in the net. Like I said before, Mr. Cooper, Wilson and other "subjects" are out on the airwaves talking it up, which is legal, but not wise. Liberals are crying, "How come Rove isn't out there?", and the answer is that he was asked specifically by Fitzgerald not to talk, which is actually a good sign nothing is coming down on Rove. From my own LE days, when a prosecutor tells you that it usually indicates a potential prosecution witness instead of a subject or even target OF the investigation. But again, we'll have to wait and see.

Just to qualify something. I am not so rabid conservative that IF someone in the administration broke the law they shouldn't go down and fast. I'm not throwing "theories" out there just to get Rove off. If Rove did something wrong, I would call him on it. It's a matter of principle with me. But from the beginning of this something just hasn't seemed right. It's all "too easy" - set ups are usually that way.

It's no secret now that there have been many plots before to discredit this President (Rathergate is one), and there have been more. In some 30 years of following politics I have never seen such an onslaught on one political figure, from the media, hollywood, political organizations, authors, etc. Yet they all came and went, none of them stuck, and some like Rathergate were blantant lies. Yet honesty survives.

I admire the President's courage - yes courage, others would have crumbled by now. If it comes to giving someone benefit of the doubt, I'm giving mine to President Bush. On the other hand I have no truck with a proven liar and hack like Joseph Wilson. I won't rest until I see that sonofabitch frogmarched. Mark my words.

Anyway, back to work.

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