Plame Game Update - 4

Blog and MSM coverage surrounding the Plame Game so far has I feel has made two critical mistakes:

1. That they are "guessing" what Fitzgerald is looking at, ie; perjury, etc. The fact is no one really has a clue what he's looking at.

2. That we are still talking about primarily a leak. It's gone WAY beyond that.

Right now there is this pretzel logic going around that Fitzgerald is looking at perjury, with the only 'evidence' being that reporters said something different that Rove and Libby said, Ms. Plame's status was questionable, that could be the only reason he's taking so long. So of course, according to the MSM and other pundits, Rove and Libby are lying and the good old boys of journalism are not. Right!

Again, we don't know. But I do think Tim Russert may have reason to sweat and stammer every bit as much as he was on last Sunday's Meet the Press. In fact, I though he was going to break down at any minute. Maybe that's just my old "law enforcement" antenna going crazy, but I would have 'Little Russ' back for more than a few chats.

As I said here, I welcome some kind of Senate Hearings. You can bet the MSM will be critical of Senate Hearings and that will be predictable as they would take us away from their "focus"; i.e. Rove is the leaker NOT our reporters, "He's guilty dammit! Can't you see!".

They will say, "What would hearings from a Republican controlled Senate produce, if not just a stall or coverup?"

Now the key to this is the advent of the NEW CIA with Porter Gross and his house cleaning. With Senate Hearings, for the first time in this case, the CIA will be ON the carpet instead of the Administration. When it is finished, the CIA will no longer be "Pissing outside the Tent, or on inside the Tent", as the pissing on the White House will be over for good.

It's been a long time coming.

Hearings will also bring to light what the MSM refuses to. Their refusal to reference the Senate Intelligence Report is mind-boggling, if not outright laughable.

Pehaps with hearings we'll finally see what certain elements of the CIA were cooking up in the months leading up to the War in Iraq. To this end we could very well see Ms. Plame, Joesph Wilson, and some certain Senate Democrats - one which shows up everytime Wilson is in front of a camera - hauled before the committee to explain their involvement. Most of which was detailed in the Senate Intelligence Report whose findings the MSM continues to ignore.

In essence I agree with Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nut House:

"But there’s something else I’ve been calling for:


This is what the Rove-Plame-Wilson affair is all about; push back by the White House in their war with the CIA. They may have gone too far. They may have harmed national security. But that doesn’t change the fact that unelected bureacrats in the CIA have opposed the Administration from the start and sought to sway an election last year by leaking cherry picked intel reports that showed the CIA in the best possible light with regards to WMD.

Some of the signatories to that letter may be in the thick of this scandal. Some of them may be conduits for classified information that journalists like Walter Pincus, Bob Novak, and Judith Miller received prior to the election last year. And the whole sordid mess is being ignored by the press in their effort to get Rove.

Fine…get Rove. But when is the MSM going to turn their attention to this clandestine conflict that Mrs. Wilson and her cohorts have been fighting for more than 2 years? This, not the Rovian affair, is the real threat to our country."

The original case of leaks (who/where/what) which IS a tempest in a teapot; like a fly on a Nuclear Bomb - it really is insignificant, compared to the Greater Story of what Valerie and her co-horts were cooking up before the War. THATS THE STORY!

Yet, just for kicks and giggles, lets just take this to the end that gives the "Get Rove Crowd" their ultimate wet dream.

Let's say that Fitzgerald finds Rove and Libby guilty on perjury.

However in the wake of those charges, the Senate hearings ultimatly discover that there was in fact that certain elements of the CIA were involved in a act of treason to mislead the President of the United States during a time of war. Subsequently, instead of a crime, they find that Rove and Libby acted in the best interest of the Security of the United States. The result? Rove and Libby go from villains to hero's in seconds flat. Plame and Wilson and some others get a walk to D Cell.

In any case, a more balanced assessment of the case is covered by Tom McGuire of Just One Minute, which should be a daily read to keep up on the Plame Game from the leak/no-leak/who leaked perspective.