The Plame Game - Update.

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Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters Blog, wrote the following in his article in weekly standard online:

"SO IN SUM: In July 2003, a rogue CIA operative, hired by his analyst wife at the agency, was leaking false information about war intelligence to national newspapers. When that didn't raise enough eyebrows, he went public, misrepresenting his findings and the nature of his selection for the assignment. Having a CIA operative suddenly take political potshots at the administration called into question whether the White House had lied about intelligence or the ambassador was telling the entire truth himself. Cooper went to his best sources to find the answer to the question, and he got the right answer."

If you have been follow my post here, here, you know that I believe that this "Plame Game" is about one thing:

A failed CIA plot to undermine the President of the United States during a time of conflict. That is treason.