Plame Questions-2

Ms. Plame

Since the nomination news this week slowed to a certain extent the "Fire Rove" wall-to-wall coverage, this gives us the opportunity to look at this Plame-Game from fresh.

Long before there was a "leak", before there was a "memo", there was Valerie Plame.

It's important to remember that Valerie herself arraigned the meeting of Feburary 19th, 2002. According to the Senate Intellgence Report, Valerie introduce Jospeh and then left after three minutes.

Just reading the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee one question screams at you. "Why was Valerie so bent on making sure Joe got the job? In 1999, she had made a similar recommendation as well. Why Joe. No one at the agency - outside of Valerie thought this guy had a shred of ability to carry the mission off. The fact that he was given specific "talking points" is key.

The questions he was given to ask were as non-extractive as they could be. Layman terms: They were lame.

I mean you're going to Niger, who is suspected of selling Urainium to Iraq and all you ask them is:

"Have you been pimping yellow cake to Iraq?"

It's like a cop knocking on a door of a drug addict, asking them "Do you sell dope?" and after the the dealer says, "Nope!", the cop says "OK, have a nice day! Thanks for the Donut!"

You could imagine how that officer's career would progress doing investigations like that. But this is EXACTLY what Joe Wilson did. He didn't go to find anything. He went to "play the role he was assigned", to remember his lines, and then come back home.

Interestingly enough, the "debrief" took place in his home while Valerie played "hostess with da-mostess".

Since when, after a meeting was arraigned at "the office", does the debrief take place at Wilson's house. This just doesn't happen! That is, unless, you want the meeting to be "covered".

Now, the most interesting thing in the report is this point. Wilson told the Committe that he wrote an article in the Washington Post dtd June 12th,2003. In that article he "slips" by writing, "among the Envoy's conclusions was that the documents may been forged because the "dates were wrong and the names were wrong". (SIR page 45).

Oppsie....Joe, you weren't supposed to know that!

Of course he was asked, "Hey Joe, how'd you know?", since he had never had access to the reports. This is where he weaseled out of it by burping up some lame excuses. None of the Ops involved or anyone with access to those documents ever showed Wilson those documents and testified to that fact.

So where did Joe get the idea the documents were forgeries? Take a guess.