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Pride before the Fall

Newsweek: Howard Fineman: The Plame Game

Ya know? The Lefties are flaming me. "Cut out the CIA conspiracy crap! Rove's going down!"


In 2003, Howard Fineman explores the rift between the CIA and the Bush Adminisration. Apart from Fineman's annoying anti-Bush rhetoric, he does make this point:

"The CIA sends Wilson to check it out. On the surface, he would seem to be a logical choice: he'd spent years in Africa, knew French, knew the Saddam regime. But there were other things about him that Cheney's office might not have liked. Wilson had close ties to the Democrats, having worked for them on the Hill and on Clinton's national security staff; he was close to Democratic Sen. John Kerry and some other former NSC people who are now allies of the senator. Plus, he contributed to Al Gore's campaign in 2000. Just as important, his wife was a CIA analyst who specialized in assessing WMD risks and the CIA was not leading the charge to attack Iraq. In fact, the agency was doing just the opposite: In a report and testimony, CIA Director George Tenet argued that attacking Iraq would do more to create a generation of terrorists than eliminate one. What did Valerie Plame think of the seriousness of Saddam's WMD capability? Sooner or later, we ll find out because it bears on what Wilson probably thought before he ever got to Niger to ask questions."

I wanted to reference this in my post "Plame Game". It's content isn't exactly news - it's nearly two years old, but it does support my point that somehow the main "focus" of what everybody should have been looking into in this affair, wasn't because the total focus went off on this tangent of "Who leaked".

I have a theory. Everybody is asking, "What in the hell is taking Fitzgerald so damn long to complete this investigation?" Well even though it started as an investigation about a leak, I believe that it's gone WAY beyond that point. I mean I'm not a prosecutor, but I am former law enforcement, and just from what I have seen it doesn't take long to figure out that Valerie Plume's "outing" doesn't fit the parameters of a crime under the 1982 act. Something else is being looked at.

Perhaps we ARE going to know what transpired in the months before the war - specifically with Mr. Wilson, Valerie Plame and some members of the Intelligence committee.

Put it this way, if I were Mr. Wilson, I wouldn't be "out there" strutting around all proud and haughty, just yet.


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Calling Mr. Fitzgerald?


As I told you about in this post yesterday as a source confirmed to me that the Justice Department has launched a probe into the NSA leak. Mr. Risen, you are in trouble - prepare your defense. I told you so.

The White House will be announcing the probe at about 12:30pm. My source tells me that this probe will most likely result in another prosecutor being assigned as of course Fitzgerald is still busy/dizzy on the Plame/Game No-Leak. Additionally, other probes into other recent leaks such as the CIA 'prisons'leak is in the works as well. As I said, this is the NEW Bush - on the attack - it's no more Mr. Nice Guy!

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*****End Update*********

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****End Update II*************************************

Update III: Via Fox: "The government has no legal right to…

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