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Smell the Fear?

You know, I've been watching the media all day talk about the coming fight over the next SCOTUS nomination. But as I watched I began to see real desperation and despair on the part of the left.

Not five minutes after Jutice O'Connor's annoucement left-wing organizations like, NOW, Planned Baby-Kill (sorry that's what they do), and other all either released statements, or broadcast commericals attacking a "feared" right of center conservative appointment.

The MSM even jumped into the fray and through their reporting I sensed that they were "trying" to "suggest" that the pick should be a "clone" of retiring Jutice Sandra Day O'Connor - both woman and moderate.

Yet, except for the very incoherent and decidedly constitutionally ignorant ramblings of Senator Kennedy, most of the Demoratic comments from Senator Henry Reid to assorted Democratic Strategists "hoped" that Bush would choose "wisely". The word "hope" came up about 30 times according to my count from all the interviews I heard today.

"Suggest" "Hope"? Do you sense the fear? They are powerless to stop this and they know it!

Make no mistake - the left is freaking out. Even on the usually rabid DailyKos, there is this 'pleading' post that tries to suggest that President Bush take Bill Clinton's example:

"In 1993, when Justice Byron White retired from the bench, President Clinton was thinking of nominating Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt, who was not necessarily the most popular choice, to fill the seat. Did Clinton try to ram the appointment through? He could have - he still had a pretty sizable majority in the Senate at that point.

But in fact, Clinton decided to discuss the vacancy with the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), who was "not surprised" that the President reached out to him."

"Ram the appoinment through?" Boy, you haven't seen nuthin yet!

All of this nervousness says one thing. Make no mistake, the 'battle' here is about abortion rights. The left is absolutely freaking that their "sacred cow" - Roe vs. Wade is in serious jepardy.

Thanks to Senator John Warner who publicized the fact that the "Nuclear Option" is still on the table. Like it or not the left is just going to have to live with whoever the President picks, and make no mistake the Senate is going to confirm whomever the President chooses. That's the 'spoils' of winning an election. In case Senator Kennedy needs help, "The President picks who he wants."

Bush owes nothing to the left, or to those who have consistantly tried to destroy him. As far as I'm concern this is payback time - in a big way. The table couldn't have been better set. Or to use Mr. Bush's favorite sport of Baseball:

Sir, "It's waist high right over the plate!"

Smack it out of the park Mr. President!


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