Strange Bedfellows Alert!: Russert to Interview Cooper - Huh?

NBC - Meet the Press

Just a thought, aren't Russert and Cooper both involved in the investigation? Then how in the heck are these two talking to each other on Meet the Press? I linked Russert's name, as I think that the Just One Minute Blog has him sort of nailed as at least a main source.

I watched it......

Russert: "Ok, Matt, here's what I think happened, ...and,'s what I think you heard...and ....and".."

Cooper: "Yeah! That's the ticket, ...yeah, that's what I said, Oooo Tim, you make it so clear!"

Then "Little Russ" trotted out Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein? What in the hell? Well, that was to be expected, the whole introduction "hinted" at Watergate.....lame Russ,....very lame.

Who's next? Mark Felt? "I'm hungry, banana-split, Nixon sucks, where's my pants!"

You've got to ask just what is the New York Times; NBC; real focus here? Coverup?

Like I said here, this isn't about a leak anymore - although that's what the MSM and some Democratic co-horts are trying to pull, this goes MUCH deeper about how the CIA attempted to undermine the Administration's efforts in Iraq.

That is what this whole thing is about.