Terror in London update: BBC asking for witness accounts

BBC: London explosions: Your accounts

The BBC is asking for eye-witness accounts on their website. Here are a few so far:

" I was on the Piccadilly line when I got of at Kings cross. There was a loud sound of the back of a carriage that I was on. I was with my sister and was helping her overcome her panic attack. Everywhere was misty and so dark. There were people everywhere and there was screaming and chanting everywhere. It was a total blackout and the policemen and firemen were everywhere. Never have I been so terrified in my entire life as a Londoner
Usher, Victoria, London"

Also a poster with an important message for fellow Brits:

"I just hope that the angry, frightened people don't turn on all the innocent, law-abiding Muslim families who live peacefully with us in our communities. These attacks affect them too, and they are just as scared and angry as the rest of us, without the added fear of being attacked purely because of their religion. My thoughts are with everyone affected, regardless of race, creed or colour - be strong, every right minded citizen of this planet is behind you.
Tim, London"

Amen to that.