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There are Quiet Idiots, and then are Morons - You Choose which Arianna Huffington is

Huffington Report: Rove-Plame: The Word from Aspen

Don't ask me why, I was just following a link and there I was at the "Huffington-Puffington-Report. Ahem....

Somebody PLEASE tell me HOW Huffington-Puffington got a license to blog?



"How is it that the second most powerful man in America is about to take a fall and the mainstream media are largely taking a pass? Could it be that the fear of Karl Rove and this White House is so great that not even the biggest of the media big boys are willing to take them on? Does the answer to that one go without saying?

Chatter about the Rove story has come to dominate the downtime at the Aspen Institute’s five-day Ideas Festival. Whenever participants are not in sessions, they’re gathering in small groups and dissecting, analyzing, and speculating about the outcome of this surprisingly slow-breaking scandal."

For those of you who don't know who in the hell The Aspen Institute" is; just think "Liberal Moonbat Think-Tank", and that tells you all you have to know.

Want a taste of what point of view they come from? Here is quote from here (berlin page?) reference to the 2004 election:

"The upcoming presidential election represents a defining moment for the United States and its engagement in global affairs. The foreign policy of the Bush Administration represents a radical departure--in principle as well as practice--from the tradition of liberal realism that guided the United States throughout the second half of the 20th century. The Democratic Party promises to reclaim liberal internationalism, restoring a centrist foreign policy guided by ideals as well as power realities. On offer are two contending visions of America′s role in the world. In one, international order arises exclusively from U.S. pre-eminence, with America wielding its unchecked power to keep others in line and enforce international hierarchy. In the other, international order arises from the coupling of America′s pre-eminence with its liberal founding principles, with the United States wielding its power to craft consensual and legitimate mechanisms of international governance. Which vision prevails will have enormous consequences for global politics. "

Ahem.....back to Huffington-Puffington's blog:

"Just look at the way Newsweek handled the Rove-outed-Plame story in this week’s edition. The editors obviously knew they had a hot story and could have pushed it hard. Instead, it’s clear that they lawyered it within an inch of its life -- a bunch of legal eagles with faint hearts removing any juice and most of the meat from it."

What "Rove-outed-Plame" story? Oh, you mean Lawrence (stop it, stop it, liar, liar!!) O'Donnell's little scoop? Was it before or after "Mr. Rage" started backpeddling on his "scoop" faster than John F. Kerry after being asked a real question on his 'position' on anything?

I guess it never occured to Huffington-Puffington that the reason Newsweek, and most of the MSM didn't cover this story more was that there was nothing to think?

Moreover, does Huffington-Puffington think that the NY (Bush-Sucks) Times, would have held on to this story althrough the 2004 election cycle, if Rove was the leaker?


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