This is the Press on the Take - Any Questions?

Dan Froomkin: Washington Post: Deflecting Responsibility

""The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." ~ William Colby, Former Director, CIA"

You know, it wasn't long after I posted this that a WAPO hack came a running to reinforce the MSM party line:

"Ever since it started becoming clear that the war in Iraq was based on exaggerated and inaccurate assertions about Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, the Bush White House has found itself, every once in a while, furiously trying to deflect the blame.

The effort has not been entirely successful. Polls show that a majority of Americans now believe the Bush administration intentionally misled the public about WMDs.

But then again, President Bush did win reelection.

One of the more furious bursts of blame-deflection, of course, came after former ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV disclosed in July 2003 that U.S. intelligence officials had plenty of reason to know that there was no evidence to support allegations that Iraq was seeking uranium in Niger -- but that Bush chose to assert as much in his 2003 State of the Union speech anyway.

White House officials launched a dual attack -- both of which involved the CIA. On one front, they began assailing Wilson, a process that eventually led to press leaks outing his wife as a CIA agent. On the other front, they forced the CIA to take responsibility for not having insisted that Bush remove the famous "16 words" from his address."

Notice the common use of the same script.

1. No WMD found (forget it all went to Syria - cripes we gave Saddam enough time to get rid of it).

2. Joseph Wilson is George Washington - "Hey look at him on that Vanity Fair cover - isn't he dashing?"

3. Wilson was ATTACKED by that shiftless Bush Administration! They guy was "doing his duty", he's a hero!

Again, we have to just resign to the fact that we're not going to get anything but "Twist and Shout" out of these guys. Thank God for blogs (and you wonder why the MSM hates them so much?)