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Time's Coverup - "They knew, when YOU told them"

Time Magazine: When they knew

Time goes into spin mode:

"As the investigation tightens into the leak of the identity of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame, sources tell TIME some White House officials may have learned she was married to former ambassador Joseph Wilson weeks before his July 6, 2003, Op-Ed piece criticizing the Administration. That prospect increases the chances that White House official Karl Rove and others learned about Plame from within the Administration rather than from media contacts. Rove has told investigators he believes he learned of her directly or indirectly from reporters, according to his lawyer."

Time spins this into Rove HAD to know from somebody besides reporters.

As far as I'm concerned, everything the employer of Mr. Cooper has to say, is suspect - period. Especially since Calabresi has frequently co-written with Matt Cooper on less than glowing reports on the Bush Administration and the War in Iraq. Especially in this article that details the Niger incident, and on this article "It's your money, he (Bush) just spends it", in February of 2005. They also co-wrote, "War on Wilson?"

As well Calabresi get's "front stage seats" to the Wilson household for "The Rove Problem".

Come on! Am I the only one who smells the irony?

In short, I think Mr. Calabresi is simply running "point" for Cooper. In any case this new article doesn't implicate Rove, in fact, it bolsters his defense. No matter how much the MSM try to spin it all on Rove and Libby, they themselves are the prime suspects for the "designed leak", and this article is just another signal that proves they know it.

John Poderhertz at National Review nailsCalabresi on his "conclusions":

"So what does this tell you?

It tells you that the State Department, which leaks like a sieve, knew about Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame in June. It also tells you that neither Powell nor Armitage talked to anybody in the White House about it until after Joseph Wilson published his New York Times op-ed on July 6 -- though he had clearly been the anonymous source for a piece by Pincus and an op-ed by the Times' own Nick Kristof back in early June.

So for those who think something very bad happened here, why isn't attention now circling around the State Department, whose two top guys at the time -- Colin Powell and Richard Armitage -- leaked like sieves to the media?

Instead of asking that question, Time's Calabresi instead suggests that this "increases the chances that White House official Karl Rove and others learned about Plame from within the Administration rather than from media contacts. Rove has told investigators he believes he learned of her directly or indirectly from reporters, according to his lawyer."

That doesn't follow at all. Doesn't this tale "increase the chances" that Rove and others are simply telling the truth? It seems a bunch of people knew a bunch about this in June, and their names are Walter Pincus of the WaPo, Kristof and evidently Judith Miller of the Times, not to mention Colin Powell and Rich Armitage at State (not to mention State's Marc Grossman and Carl Ford, who generated the memo). Their names are not Karl Rove and Scooter Libby."

Again, as far as "letting the cat of the bag", there are more suspects in the media than at the White House. Which just makes Mr. Cooper's involvement all that more suspicious. Could he have been the "point man" used to set up the Administration? After all, taking his word for it that he didn't remember calling Rove about Welfare Reform, what possible reason would he have "out of the blue" calling Rove about Wilson? Research for "War on Wilson"? Bull crap, he could have gotten all the information he wanted from any number of other sources for that article. He called to set Rove up and he knows it.

I'll wait and see how this pans out. Like I said before, it truly doesn't matter given the greater crime of what I believe to be treason commited by Plame and her husband. Yet all this "hoofing" by the MSM may be a blessing in disquise, because just as the CIA and their co-horts in the MSM have been "having their day" for the last three years, that is about to come to an end. The icing on the cake would also bring the leaky elements of the State Department into light as well.

Tom Maguire thinks , Maybe the TIME piece should be re-headlined - "Lots of People Kept A Secret For A Surprisingly Long Time"


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