We'll NOT Get Bork'ed Again!

Liberals perceive pick as divisive

From all I've read of the reaction of the left on Judge John Roberts nomination the Supremes, the battle-line their forming is around these lines:

1. He's anti-abortion.
2. He thinks Roe V. Wade was a bad decision.
3. See 1.

At least that's the way the "Liberal Bomb-Thrower" Oliver Willis puts it:

"He’s Against Roe v Wade"

"That’s all you need to know about John Roberts Jr., the right-winger Bush has picked for the high court."

heh...cute haircut on that Willis....


Judge Roberts was "shelved" in 1992 because of the same reason. The difference between then and now?

We won the election! Quite frankly you are going to see a real meltdown on the Democratic side over this one. Yeah, it will be a battle, but the truth is that we have the POWER to get this through.

We have the President, the House, the Senate, and the votes. I agree with Mark Noonan over at Blogs for Bush.

"This is our hour of political trial, GOPers...lets not sit back and hope that it'll work out our way...we have to make it happen."

Yes, we've waited a LONG time to have the opportunity to RIGHT this Country and NOW is the time. We WILL make it happen.

The Bolton Nomination stall has been a disgrace and that "gang of 14" a joke. Like in the War on Terror, we need to let our Republican Senators know that either you are ON the President's agenda (with us), or you are against the agenda (against us).

It's time to get busy. We won't get Bork'ed again!