Friday, July 22, 2005


What is at the heart of the Plame affair-2

Like a lot of people, I have a dog. Except while I love him to death, he isn't too smart. Just the other day I threw a stick and said, "Fetch"! The dog stayed. "No, go for the stick!" My dog looked at me. "No over there!" I said pointing to the stick. My dog then sniffed my finger. I finally had to go pick up the stick and show it to him, then he finally grabbed it.

Despite what pundits and bloggers left and right speculate (professional and layman) citing the numerous leaks around the Plame Game, and whether or not Mr. Rove is "frog-marched" out of White House to the "Big House, the truth is that it will be a travesty of justice and of history if the larger story is missed. The truth of the matter is we are not going to know what comes out of Fitzgerald's investigation until it is completed. Everything else is "idle-gossip".

The real story here isn't about what "who told who what" -it really isn't. Fitzgerald for all we know could be looking at the larger story of "who did what" to start the whole ball running - namely Ms. Plame herself. Until now everybody is sniffing the finger instead of looking to where it is pointing to.

From what I've been gathering from my contacts "around the office" is that there is more to Ms. Plame than we've heard so far - much more. We have heard from the "friends of the office of CPD", and that is to be expected. But I've gotten a different attitude from those "outside the loop". Suffice to say there is a sort of "gag order" so that all we are getting is 'designed leaks', which is a hallmark of the NSA and the CIA.

The old adage, "Be not decieved"...applies here. Remember, the "easy" answer isn't always the truth.

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