As former law enforcement, when I heard Mr. O'Donnell admits to "knowing" what only lawyers and those involved in the case should know. I have a question:

"Since Lawrence O'Donnell wants us to believe he "knows" Karl Rove is the "leaker" of the Valerie Plame case, what does Mr. O'Donnell know? When did he know it; and knowing it, did he knowingly withhold information from a Grand Jury? More bluntly, Did he withhold evidence?

He as much as admitted to doing so.

Now I know that Liberals have "dys-law-xia", when it comes to legal things, but could it be that he doesn't know that withholding information to avoid being called a witness - especially to a Grand Jury is a crime?

Does this doofis know that?

Either he's woefully ignorant, stupid or dumbest guy on the planet.

Oh yes, liberal ....same thing.


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