Win and Election, then YOU get to choose

Mark Steyn: Dems had their chance to pick justice

Columnist Mark Steyn tells Democrats:

"The Democrats never recovered from the 2000 election. They became obsessed with the "illegitimate" Bush, and carried on obsessing no matter what lively distractions intervened: In time the Twin Towers tumbled, the Taliban crumbled, they're only here today, but hung chads are here to stay. Michael Moore couldn't make a movie about 9/11 and Iraq without a 20-minute chad-dangling opening. Even the chad-free election of 2004 -- the "sequel," as Richard Cohen coyly puts it -- only momentarily dented the party's imperviousness to reality: If you can't get Bush, get Tom Delay, or Karl Rove, or John Bolton, or some other guy nobody's heard of."

For five years the Democratic Party has become nothing more than a "yapping little dog", barking at any noise they hear. Whether it's national security, social security, or any other issue at hand, they bark, yap, complain, bitch and moan, but that's all they have! They have NO plans of their own. They allowed their Party to be hijacked by lunatic fringe groups like, and still do not have a conherant Party Platform.

They are in sad shape, and will be for a long time.