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Yeah, it's all America's fault...

Who is fooling who?


Activists prepare for a showdown during the G8 meeting to be held in Gleneagles next week, reports John Kamau in London

The London School of Economics is a house of Marxists.

Here, the left still sits to dissect emerging issues. And the sexiest debate currently in European capitals, or at least in the UK, is Africa.

At the LSE, as the school is popularly known, one question is posed daily: what is the G8 up to following its decision to relieve 18 of the world’s poorest countries of their debt burden? The answers are as many as there are speakers but the key words remain debt relief.

Non-governmental organisations, the media and individuals are talking the talk. From TV programmes to opinion pieces, Africa has never received such sympathetic coverage in its history. Even journalists are amazed

And there are many non-believers and sceptics, too.

"Tony Blair wants to improve his image which was damaged by the Iraqi war. I don’t think we need a commission to tell us what is ailing Africa. The (Commission on Africa) report only stitched together what we already knew," Claire Short, UK’s former minister for International Development told The Sunday Standard in Westminster.

This week, inside a stuffy LSE theatre, we sat listening to other non-believers; people who think all the talk about debt relief is at best hollow dictum and at worst, a plot to eclipse the real picture, which, they say, is continued exploitation of Africa."

(end excerpt)

This week the media focus has been on debt relief to Africa and to aid to end world poverty. However, as usual, you can't read many of the newspaper opinion pieces without coming away with , "It's all America's fault - as if "Africa is poor, because America is rich". You see? The problem isn't the despots running the joint, who suck up the aid that has been already sent to Africa over the years. It's those damned Americans and Britians - they are at fault!

The "suspicisons" of the left in Britian and the US let us on to the real agenda behind their focus on the G-8. It's not about money, it's about stopping what they think is an attempt by industrialized nations to subdue and conquer Africa for their own greed and purposes.

The protestors at the G-8 meeting this week will be the same anti-globalization numb-nuts, moonbats and crazies that attended the last G-8 summit in 2001. The same ones who Barbarians at the G8 that Robert W. Tracinski, 'Barbarians at the G8', Captalism Magazine (August 11, 2001), wroteof:

"Ask yourself: What are the anti-globalism hordes protesting for? If you draw a blank at this point, it's not your fault. The protesters are not for anything. Their goals can only be described as a list of the things they are against. They oppose the most peaceful form of cooperation between nations: international trade. They condemn the spread of art, ideas, and even cuisine as "cultural imperialism." They oppose the existence of large-scale productive enterprises, i.e., corporations. They are belligerently anti-technology, anti-industry, and -- because it is the world's center of industry, technology and trade -- anti-American."

Do not be decieved....


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