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Tom Blakely of writes a review of Ed Klein's new book, The Truth About Hillary.

Quite frankly I think some of the bloggers on the right, like Powerline, Hugh Hewitt, and others who have been "warning us off" promoting this book are a little "gun-shy". But more important it seems they played into the MSM campaign to quash coverage of the book except to say it "has problems". According to Newsmax where Radio Host Sean Hannity plans to interview Mr. Klein there is incredible pressure to "silence" the contents from being aired.

In addition Rush Limbaugh thinks the press is "circling the wagons" to protect Hillary. Now apparently they are using "right-wing" bloggers (those Dan Rather bashers) to say, "See, the book is bad news!"

For instance, USA Today makes a big deal by quoting some of the "conservative bloggers" to make it's point:

"Some of the influential, conservative "bloggers" who have used their Internet journals to raise questions about the "liberal" media and to spread damaging information about Democratic politicians said they won't endorse The Truth About Hillary."

The nature and sourcing of the accounts raised concerns:

"It seems very similar to the Kitty Kelley book," said Kevin Aylward, who writes the blog Wizbang . Kelley's book The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty caused controversy with stories about things President Bush had allegedly done when he was a young man.

Aylward's blog was among several that last year led the way in raising questions about a 60 Minutes story concerning Bush's Air National Guard service and in spreading the word about attacks a group known as the Swift Vets and POWs for Truth were making on Sen. John Kerry's military record.

"Even politicians should have some protection from things of this nature," said Paul Mirengoff, co-author of the blog Powerline , which also played a lead role in raising doubts about the 60 Minutes story.

On the Fox News Channel, Bill O'Reilly — another frequent critic of the senator — said Monday that he had read the book and "there's little new" in it. The most negative accounts, he said, come "from anonymous sources, which is not good. Far too many accusations are coming from people who are settling grudges in a cowardly way."

I respect the opinions of others and of the editoral rights of those who choose not to cover something. But a few points:

Edward Klein is a respected writer and not a Kitty Kelley . I don't know how many of these bloggers are professional writers, but I am and "confidential sources" is a mark of the trade. I think most of them are afraid that we'll just make Hillary a "victim" and that will help her in 2008.

It's like, "Be careful, you'll wake the baby!" In Col Sherman Potter's words, "Horse-feathers!"

I think that before anyone jumps the gun they should actually read the book first - (like Bill O'Reilly did ). After all is the point of being objective "fair and balanced". Other's like Mr. Blakely and Former representative John LeBoutillier, R-N.Y who say it is a must read.

Mr. Blakey in his column says: "It was worth my time. This is not a scandal book intended merely to gratify the reader's salacious interests. Instead, Mr. Klein has written a serious political and psychological biography of the most likely next Democratic nominee for president -- and thus, quite plausibly, I fear, the next president of the United States."

That's a good point and comes from one who didn't get all "startled" simply from a Drudge Report headline. I say to everyone, read the book, then judge.

I've ordered mine and plan to cover it's pertainant contents here.

UPDATE: Make sure to read my followup.