Friday, June 24, 2005


NY Times on Conservative Backlash to "The Truth about Hillary"

Biography of Senator Clinton Has a Few Unexpected Critics

This NY Times article today talks about the “Conservative” backlash against Edward Klein’s book,The Truth about Hillary.

I covered this the other day and mentioned that Rush Limbaugh on his Wednesday radio show called into question the “motives” of conservative bloggers who came out against the book – in line with most of the MSM.

His words:

Transcript: “In addition to that a whole bunch of conservative pundits are out there in a race to see who can be first to impress the mainstream media that they are not right-wing wackos. "I don't abide this book. Hey, don't want me in with Limbaugh and those other guys"….

And later…

“My God, she's at the top of the big leagues in all this! She knows what this is all about. She should be able to defend herself, but she's not even having to. She didn't even have to defend herself. She's got the whole mainstream press apparatus out there circling the wagons around her making sure that she doesn't get touched not even asking her for her comment about it -- and from our side, just my perspective the attacks on this Klein guy from the conservative side, seem way out of proportion to me. Imagine if Gary Aldrich's book came out now. Imagine! I wonder if conservatives would start trashing him?”

In essence Rush wasn’t saying the book was good/bad a piece of trash or anything like that. For myself I’m leafing through it and I don’t see anything I haven’t heard before (or thought). There have been books in the past about Hillary and there will no doubt more as 2008 approaches. Yet, whether people like it or not Inside Hillary will have an impact as Rush agreed:

Transcript: “The contents of book are irrelevant to me at this point and I'm going to tell you what happens, folks: I don't care what the book says. The book is going to make Hillary even bigger. The book is going to turn her into -- the way this culture works she's going to become -- an even bigger celebrity. She's going to become a bigger star out of all of us.

However, the point he did bring up which is important in the new age of blogging. Prior to the 2004 election nobody new what blogging was for the most part. After the election and especially with the Rathergate episode bloggers started to get mainstream media attention (and hits). I learned a long time ago that with fame comes a certain amount of compromise in some cases. Again, the larger point I make now, is as this new medium gets larger and more complex; the oldest rule in journalism still stands:

“To thine own self be true”

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