The Mac'ster is Never Wrong!

Coming out of the "paper journalism" medium to this new "blogger" medium, I am finding it all so - well different. I used to get "Letter's to the Editor" which presented constructive criticism like:

"That Mac is a bum! He should shut his pie-hole, and take up knitting!"

Now it's different. For the comment feature on my blog gives me direct feedback to my rants. Like, "Hey Mac, You're a BUM! You should take up knitting!"

I also like the trackback feature. It is great to use if I want to "Here-Here!" a point or post I've come across, or use a point from someone I disagree with to make my point.

For instance this post thinks I'm "wrong" about Paul Wolfowitz , I guess because he disagrees.

That of course is the standard, "I'm right; and since I'm right, you're wrong" argument.

Of course since I'm rarely wrong, and I know the other guy is full of it, I'm usually not having this argument. But I appreciate the return traffic.

Well, it isn't all bad. At least he didn't call me a Bum!

(Mac lives in South Florida and when he isn't trying to be a big shot blogger he knits)