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China, Russia - Cutting the US out of the East

Cutting out the US

Excerpt: "Overshadowed in the Western press by the Group of Eight summit of leading industrialized nations and the complications to it caused by the London transit bombings, another summit - the July 5 meetings in Astana, Kazakhstan of the heads of government of the six members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) - promised to have greater geostrategic significance than the more widely reported events.

Created with its present membership of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in 2001, the origins of the SCO date to 1996 when Beijing initiated the Shanghai Five, which included all the current SCO members except for Uzbekistan. The official purpose of the alliance, according to its founding declaration, is to form a comprehensive network of cooperation among the member states, including military security, economic development, trade and cultural exchange.

Translated into geostrategic terms, the SCO arises from a confluence of interests among the major power centers of China and Russia, and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia, with the exception of Turkmenistan, which pursues a foreign policy of studied neutrality and isolation.

The overall strategic aim of the alliance for Beijing and Moscow is curbing Washington's influence in Central Asia to establish a joint sphere of influence there."

Last week I began to look into the recent agreement between China and Russia. In my post Keep your eyes on the east, which contains links to other posts I have made about China's military buildup and the New World Order agreement they signed with Russia, we need pay attention to these developments.

With this "summit", I see just one more example of China and Russia's growing distrust and annoyance with Washington, and what they feel is the US's "Growing Global Influence", and their efforts to exert their influence in the area.

Again, while I'm sure that our Intel people are watching these developments, the recent terrorist attacks in London, and domestically the Supreme Court vacancies; the Rove flap, and others, have sufficency distracted us from a very real and growing threat developing in the East.


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