Told You So.....Keep your eye on the East

San Fransico Chonical: Russia and China call for an end to world 'domination'

Moscow -- Russia and China, teaming up in a thinly veiled attack on perceived U.S. efforts to dominate the world, issued a declaration Friday demanding respect for the right of all countries to develop free of outside interference.

Signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Hu Jintao on the second day of a summit here, the declaration denounced "the aspiration for monopoly and domination in international affairs" and called for an end to "attempts to divide nations into leaders and those being led."

While not mentioning the United States directly, the "Declaration on World Order in the 21st Century" left no doubt that Washington was its main target."

Folks, this is huge. As I outlined here and here, there is a growing threat coming from China and Russia. The Bear and the Dragon are beginning to form aliances with a simple goal: To neutralize the United States influence as a "The Supreme World Power".

Pay attention to this development. It is gaining momentum. The "trigger" that fires the gun will be Taiwan.