Guess what - Rove is Exonerated

Novak Called Rove

Just a minor perusing of the NY Time story here tells me this. Rove didn't leak a thing. Novak calls Rove with a "Did you hear" and Rove says, "Yeah I heard that!"

Rove didn't leak squat - other journalists did, which now leads to the question: "Which journalist - Cooper, Novak, or Miller did the original leaking?"


And all this took place LAST YEAR when Mr. Rove told it to the grand jury. So much for "secret" things! Nothing has come out so far that wasn't already known inside that grand jury room. So Karl is hiding anything. If ANYONE is holding secrets, it's Judith Miller and she ain't talking - yet. It just makes you wonder doesn't it? You know it isn't a administration official, otherwise she would have beltched the name already. Who's Deep Yak?

In any case, if you want to talk about leaks, Mr. Fitzgerald needs to get a clamp on "leaks" until the proceedings are completed. Cripes I've never seen such a "leaky" investigation. "Gag Order anyone?"

Unless the "leak" was a "friendly" one....heh..

Too bad it really doesn't matter now since it isn't really a leak anyway.....right Mr. Wilson?

Since wife had zero covert status, no law was broken, thus no "leak", end of story. What in the hell are we doing here? This investigation is over! ON to the Supremes!

(No, I'm not that slow to think the Dems will stop now....but they haven't qot squat on the genius!)

PS. Rove answered the phone and talked to reporters....isn't that part of his job?