How Much Clearer Does He Have to Be?

Bush denounces court wars, rules out 'litmus test'

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - President Bush on Wednesday said he will not choose his Supreme Court candidate based on their position on specific issues such as abortion or gay marriage.

"I'll pick people who ... will strictly interpret the constitution and not use the bench to legislate from," he said.

Under pressure from opposing activists to pick someone who would either uphold abortion or work to outlaw it, and legalize or outlaw gay marriage, Bush ruled out any such "litmus test" in making his choice.

"There will be no litmus test," he said, repeating his position during his 2000 and 2004 presidential campaigns."

As I said before, before, those of us on the right, who want to see Roe V. Wade overturned need to 'chill' a little.

President Bush said he would nominate someone who he felt was a strong conservative. He also said over and over again he would NOT use a litmus test to pick a nominee. So what are we doing expecting him to pick someone based on a "test"?

We have cried foul with the Court being "activist" towards the left, yet it sounds like we dont' mind if they are activists, so long as they "activate" on our side.

From the beginning President Bush has said he would NOT pick a nominee who "legislates from the bench"! How can we not expect him to keep his word?

Again, we would need at least two more strong conservative appointments and THEN a case that challenged the "core right" of a woman to abort her baby, would need to be brought to the Court again.

As much as I would like to see it happen tomorrow, it will be years before this would realistically happen.

That's why I said, "Patience". Yes, babies are dying everyday, but they have been slaughtered everyday since 1973.

President Bush's nomination is but a "first step". We waited fourty-years to have this opportunity, rushing could jepordize our victory in the future.