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Is the "Plame Truth" about to come out?

With the "Novak called Rove" story today, I can hear the excitement on the "Get Rove" left: It's probably going like this:

"See! Karl talked to Novak!..(pant, pant..)

Then Karl talked to Cooper....(pant, pant, pant)

"Now, then, the President promised to fire the leaker, right?"

(Moonbat crowd going wild!!) "Yes! Yes!.....Fire Rove, Rove Sucks, Bush lied!!!" doesn't matter anymore.....

Since she wasn't an agent (covert or otherwise) at the time (and for some time before then), Novak wrote his column. Wilson said so.

Kind of pops the "Get Rove!"

But then this gets me wondering.....

All this "Who-called-who" was known to the prosecutor last year. That was when Rove testified - last year! In addition Fitzgerald has to know by now the truth of Ms. Plame-Wilson's true status and that she was not a covert op at the time in question, nor for more than five years prior - thus no rule, law broken.

I find it interesting that every time you see Bob Novak he has this look on his face like "just wait until you find out!" I mean, the guy hasn't fled the country yet. Novak is a smart guy, and a good reporter. Yes, he has clammed up, but maybe there's a good reason for that

So what is Fitzgerald looking at?

Again, I have my own theory about what this whole mess will ulimately reveal, and what it is really about. You can catch up here, here. Basically I see this as a CIA/Democratic involvement in a plan to thwart the President from going to war with Iraq. Yet someone went wrong. The supposed "outing" was simply a decoy to throw people off. I think Fitzgerald knows all this and is about to blow the lid of this scheme.

Senator Schumer's appearance yesterday with Mr. Wilson was also very telling. You know, those two go back a ways. You'll remember that Schumer requested this investigation in the first place.

Let me be clear: Joseph Wilson is a "puppet". He's a "mule", and nothing else. Fact is he got used by the Democrats during the 2004 election cycle, and then when it became clear he couldn't keep his story (or the one he was given to tell) straight he was put on the back burner. Then yesterday he was "exhumed" and paraded around again, only to blow it again on Wolf Blitzer's show, by admitting (what he wrote in his book), that his wife hadn't been a covert op on the day of Novak's column, or for many years before that. It will be interesting to see if Schumer and other begin to distance themselves now.

In the end I believe this won't be about Karl Rove, or the President, but about what some of us knew all along:

That certain antiwar Democratic Senators/Congress members, along with some rogue CIA went to the ulimate extremes to damange the President of the United States; obstruct our nation's war efforts, and therefore this isn't about a leak - it's about treason.

Keep your eyes on the Democrats and their activity over the next coming days. See if you don't detect a little (OK, a lot of nervousness) coming from some of the "usual suspects". Sure, they'll pick up the "Fire Rove" chant, "What did Bush know?" Chant, blah, blah....but ulimately they are going to be a lot more "off the wall" than usual - as they see "wheels come off" the whole plan.

Now maybe I'm just becoming a right-wing moonbat - spuddering theories just like the left. I might just turn out to be wrong. I hope - I really do hope I am and this is about the non-leak and thus will just go away. I don't relish the thought of US Senators and rogue CIA elements trying to topple the Presidency. In this world of terror, that's the last thing we need now.

But I spent a while in intelligence way back in time, and I met a few people, and knew and learned a few things, I learned to read beyond the obvious, and I'll tell you this -in Washington anything is possible.

But the one thing we do know is that this whole thing is more than about a "leak"! Much more.


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