Keep Your Eyes on the East - Update-2

Pentagon: China's Military Strengthening

"WASHINGTON - China cannot be certain that its military, while steadily strengthening, is capable of conquering Taiwan, the Pentagon said Tuesday in a new report on Chinese military power and strategy.

Over the longer term, however, an increasingly modern Chinese military could pose a threat to U.S. and other forces in the Asia-Pacific region, it said.

"Some of China's military planners are surveying the strategic landscape beyond Taiwan," the report said.

Among a number of such developments, it noted improvements in Chinese intercontinental-range missiles "capable of striking targets across the globe, including the United States." Air and naval force improvements also appear to be geared for operations beyond the geography around Taiwan, it added."

In my continuing posts here and here, about the danger we face from a strengthing Chinese Military is in fact a very real threat, and one we had better take seriously now.

This is of particular interest to me being a former MI during the Cold War. Tomorrow, I will begin to fully explain the real danger we face, and why we should be keeping our eyes on the East.