We'd BETTER wake up to China

Washington Times: China report battle

Excerpt: "Pentagon officials say an internal political battle has been under way in the Bush administration over the forthcoming annual report on China's military power.

The report was due for release several weeks ago, but was then held up and portions have been removed and modified, said officials familiar with the internal debate.

It is now set for release in the next week or two.

The draft report had included tough assessments of China's arms buildup and a stark conclusion that the military balance of power across the Taiwan Strait was shifting in Beijing's favor. The shift is because of a sharp increase in China's arms purchases and deployments, that include new missiles, warships, aircraft and communications gear. "

I don't know what all the debate is about, or why the Pentagon is "shuffling their feet" over this coming threat.

I as I posted hereand here, we can't let the over War on Terror overshadow our concerns about "traditional" threats such as China and Russia. The "Bear" and the "Dragon" have got something up their sleeve and right now it looks like the Eagle is a bit distracted.