DNC Doesn't Know Jack About Fitness

DNC: Bush Should Stop Playing Games with Physical Fitness

Boy.....President Bush can't get a break from the "yapping dogs" over at the DNC. I mean the guy jogs, rides a bike, in other words excellent physical condition!

But the "fat laden" DNC can't let that stand:

"The following is a fact sheet released today by the Democratic National Committee:

The White House this weekend announced that President Bush received good news during his annual physical. Doctors pronounced the President to be in "superior" physical condition, which media reports attributed to his rigorous, six day a week exercise routine. While President Bush has made physical fitness a personal priority, his cuts to education funding have forced schools to roll back physical education classes and his Administration's efforts to undermine Title IX sports programs have threatened thousands of women's college sports programs.

"President Bush's has dropped the ball when it comes to fully funding physical education in public schools and women's athletic programs at the college level," said Democratic National Committee spokesman Josh Earnest. "His personal habits indicate that physical fitness is not just fun and games for him. Don't our kids deserve the same opportunities to be physically fit? President Bush should stop running from his responsibility and make sure that all American children have access to physical fitness programs."


Maybe Bush should just quit all the physical fitness stuff - you know, take it easy like old Ted!

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