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Hearings will be Nice - but I'm not holding my breath

Senate Considers Hearing on Able Danger Findings

Fox News is reporting that Senate hearings into Able Danger will possibly begin this fall.

I'm not holding my breath. Sure I'd like to see them happen, but the reality is that this will be a story only through the rest of August.

Come September the MSM as will Washington will begin the focus on John Roberts and his nomination to the SCOTUS and if that doesn't take all the attention, there is always the end of the Plame Game grand jury in October.

Yeah, it would be nice to get to the bottom of this...but Washington is like a TV Series - re-runs and filler in the Summer - New Fall Schedule coming up.


I don't know why I didn't mention this before, but General Schoomaker and I once served together back in Korea (70s) with the 1/17 Armor. He with the S3 Ops, I with S2 Intel and S4 Logisitics. Nothing earth shattering to report, except I remember a "run in" I had with him. It's not important what it was about now, but this puts a little more "flesh" on the story for me.

UPDATE: Tom Mcguire reports that Ltc. Schaffing is changing his story. See also Laura Rosen.

This confirms my "feelings" about Ltc. Schaffer that I mentioned here: To quote myself:

"I have to be honest and tell you that Col. Schaffer does not give me a "warm and fuzzy" feeling for some reason. I can't put my finger on it, and maybe I'm full of it....

Or maybe part of the feeling I'm getting is the fact that the good Col. Schaffer is getting better press than I've gathered from some people who know "of him" in Tampa.

There are some people who really think he's just "riding along with Weldon", know, for the fame and fortune. "

The other feeling you get if from the years I did interogations via law enforcement. The first thing you look for is "the gaps", the "wind changes", the "extra info".

I'm now more suspicious of this mess than before.

Seriously when you think about this, it' ought to more simple, yet there seems to be more questions than answers at this point.

In fact it has become so convoluted that I doubt anything productive comes from it.

Face it, most conservative bloggers have really one desire - show the Commission to be a whitewash of the Clinton Administration failures. Then you have others like at the Flamingo Bar who think this makes Bush look bad.

Folks, if Weldon is all you've got, you're crap out of luck.

I'm really starting to form a little foil hat for this guy. I keep referring to his little speech on on June 27th, 2005 and for good reason. It sounded then, and even more so now like a freaking script for a Movie - or a book.

In fact, there are some (in the business) who are ready to come out and rip Weldon a new "reamer" when his book hits the shelf. One friend of mine referred to it as "refuse" (I'm being nice).

That aside....

Fact is that outside the belt-way, either sadly or not, I don't think anyone one gives a crap about any of this.

What I care about and what my neighbors care about is "Whatever the screw ups where, have we fixed it yet?" That's the important question. The facts of the past are that we had out pants around our ankles and we got screwed. It's not hard get that much straight.

Hell I didn't need a commission to tell me that pre 9/11 intelligence sucked - I knew that. It was screwed up 20 or 30 years ago during my time in the shop. I could tell you stories of the 80s and the "could have beens" that would curl your hair! So what?

If we did have such a great data mining - get the bad guys before they smack us - operation, I would have slept better if Weldon would have kept his trap shut about it.

Whatever good could have come out such an operation, is toast now. How long before the bad guys found a way to "taint" the data?

So much for a "Super Secret"......Can't wait for the movie to come out.

UPDATE: Contrary to opinions of the "Weldon Groopies" out there, the fact is that this case is getting more and more obscure, and quite frankly laughable.

And please, PLEASE let no one quote me the "Chart that Weldon showed Hadley" crap anymore unless you can produce the original chart. Cripes.....

The "Pink Flamingo
whomever, thinks me thinks binary

Alright, Let me give you some binary thinking on Col. Shaffer.

He's talking out of his duffle-bag!

This week we are going to see just how much that is true. Liason my arse.

To the uniformed, he is impressive - especially to those who WANT to hear his story.

Parse his words anyway you want, the fact is that he can't keep the story straight no matter how he tries. If he knows anything more than what Weldon briefed him to say, I'd be surprised.

Cripes, talk about scripts....just listen to the guy talk about AD, and match it against Weldon's words.

Besides the fact that Weldon keeps foaming at the mouth about real Able Danger 'playas' coming forward

......well, Mr. Weldon? Were are they? Or basically is this it? If it is, the story is OVER.

Tell you what Weldon...

How about you get General Schoomaker to talk?

That would be something........credible.

******************************Stop the Press*********************************

You know....AT this point, I'm jumping off the ABLE DANGER bandwagon....for now.

Something stinks and I didn't have beans last night. In fact, something has always stunk about this story....something just isn't right.

Besides....let's be honest....

The point is that 95 percent of this story is hindsight! As I labled my posting series on this thread, it's all Monday Morning Intelligence. This - if totally the way the Col and Weldon are presenting it -if true, is only relevant because 9/11 is important. Because it happened.

The ones who are buying this story - no matter what - are doing so because of a desire to see the Commission fried.

Good! I'll light the fire.

But along the way, I have to tell you that I believe people who are buying this are getting snookered and taken down the Yellow Brick Road.

Now if you desire, Keep walking it.

But I'm getting off here.

Why?......................Col. Schaffer himself.

For one, Schaffer says he couldn't get the facts to the FBI because some big two-star got in his way. Besides the fact thats a load of crap (every hear of the Inspector General bud?), NOTHING would have stopped him IF he really had something to say. NOTHING.

Hell, people are sucking up every word this guy is saying.....Cripes.

Forget the transcripts. It isn't that he's got the story down. It's just that for some of us who have played the game, it sounds like some drunk wannabe in a bar trying to tell you he's one of you. I'm telling you, something just isn't right about this guy.

Hey Col. Schaffer, I've got a couple of questions for you.

Didn't you have a phone? We know you had a cell phone. Why didn't you call someone?

Didn't you as a "liason" have any connections within the JD? FBI?, SD Anyone? How about an "Anonymouse Tip" line?

If you KNEW that the information was THAT important why didnt you move heaven and earth to get it to someone?

UPDATE III. TM updates that the complete Hannity/Colmes transcript doesn't show the any apparent descrepancy. Cpt Ed's takes the same road.

Forget the Kool Aid,.....Have a coke and a smile.

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