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It's time to shoot an arrow at the NCAA

Redstate: NCAA -- Only Spineless Non Threatening Political Correct Mascots Allowed

Hat tip to Redstate for this news:

"The NCAA is a spineless purveyor of PC nonsense. It is not all that surprising given that Myles Brand, its President, is a former liberal college president married to a gender studies professor -- he's more into cultural sensitivity than sports, fans and alumni be damned.

Today the NCAA decided that Indian mascots are bad and insensitive and must be stopped. The Florida State Seminoles are up a creek (no, not the tribe, the figurative body of water).

The policy prohibiting colleges or universities with hostile or abusive mascots, nicknames or imagery from hosting any NCAA championship competitions takes effect February 1, 2006.

"The NCAA objects to institutions using racial/ethnic/national origin references in their intercollegiate athletics programs," said NCAA President Myles Brand. "Several institutions have made changes that adhere to the core values of the NCAA Constitution pertaining to cultural diversity, ethical sportsmanship and nondiscrimination. We applaud that, and we will continue to monitor these institutions and others. All institutions are encouraged to promote these core values and take proactive steps at every NCAA event through institutional event management to enhance the integrity of intercollegiate athletics related to these issues."

The NCAA has long been out of control and working beyond it's intended purpose. I am glad that my alumni FSU isn't taking this sitting down:

FSU Responds To NCAA Decision Banning Use Of Native American Symbols Florida State President T.K. Wetherell has issued a statement following the NCAA's ruling.

Aug. 5, 2005

FSU President T.K. Wetherell has issued the following statement in response to action August 5 by the National Collegiate Athletic Association banning the use of American Indian mascots during NCAA championship games. In taking the action, the NCAA deemed FSU's use of the Seminole name and symbols as "hostile or abusive," despite the recent formal endorsement by the Seminole Tribe of Florida for their use.


"Florida State University is stunned at the complete lack of appreciation for cultural diversity shown by the National Collegiate Athletic Association's executive committee, which announced today a policy banning schools using Native American names and symbols from hosting NCAA championship events. That the NCAA would now label our close bond with the Seminole Tribe of Florida as culturally "hostile and abusive" is both outrageous and insulting.

On June 17, the Tribal Council of the Seminole Tribe of Florida spoke unequivocally of its support for Florida State University in its use of the Seminole name and related symbols. Accordingly, I intend to pursue all legal avenues to ensure that this unacceptable decision is overturned, and that this university will forever be associated with the "unconquered" spirit of the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

National surveys have shown in recent years that an overwhelming majority of Native Americans are not offended by the use of Native American names and symbols. In making its decision, the executive committee has been swayed by a strident minority of activists who claim to speak for all Native Americans. It is unconscionable that the Seminole Tribe of Florida has been ignored.

The rules as we understand them would have us cover the Seminole name and symbol as if we were embarrassed, and any committee that would think that is a proper and respectful treatment of Native Americans should be ashamed."

I hope this does go to court. It's time to put this "PC/diversity" crap to bed. In fact, though not likely, instead of schools "folding under", I would like to see them withdraw completely from the NCAA. It would be long overdue.

Redstate also gives some info on how to contact the NCAA:

"We hope that the fans of college sports, who want to root for their tradition teams and do not believe in Myles Brand's silly identity politics of victimization will call the NCAA and protest. Their number is (317) 917-6222 or (317) 917-6117. You can email Myles Brand at, but he has already shown he really does not care what you think."

Give them a call, I did.

Meanwhile, take a look at Scrappleface for more perspective.

More at Right Wing Nuthouse.


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