The Lying Liberal Left

What is it with the nutcases on the left. Even when they can't find anything of substance on the issues, they make stuff up.

Randi Rhoades of Air America made it a point on her show today to spread the false rumor that President Bush was playing golf yesterday while New Orleans was getting hammered by Katrina.

Via Byron York over at the NRO Corner:

"Word has been going around in some quarters of the Left that yesterday, as Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama suffered the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, George W. Bush played golf. "The president went golfing at the El Mirage Golf Course yesterday while the people were literally suffering," Air America Radio host Randi Rhodes said today. "The president decided that the best use of his time would be to go golfing." The message, of course, was that Bush is so callous and so removed from reality that he went out for a bit of fun on the course while disaster struck the nation. The only problem is, according to the White House, the president didn't play golf yesterday. He took part in a Medicare event at the Pueblo El Mirage RV Resort and Country Club in El Mirage, Arizona -- during which he made some remarks about the hurricane -- but there was no golf."

It is amazing - well, no it's not, that Rhoades would try to use a tragedity to take a swipe at the President. Randi Rhoades you'll remember is famous for playing assasinate President Bush skits on her show - a real broadcasting high point of the 2004 election cycle.

Too bad she's not more concerned with Air America ripping off little kids, than with spreading false witnesss.

Leave it to the lying liberal left to use human tragedy to take a political swipe. Wonder why they can't win an election.