Monday Morning Intelligence and the NY Times with Kool Aid - 10

My Advice: Hold off on Schaffer...

Only have time for a short post today. Apparently people are lining up to give Ltc. Tony Schaffer a round of applause and a vouch for his courage in coming forward. In fact, he's all over the place CNN, FOX, Etc....

He's looking like a hero and a martyr -You, know.... "in from the cold" "falling on the sword", etc.

It's tempting to dive in.

Yet, for now, I'm staying out of the pool.

Had some information relayed to me today vis. Tony and Curt. Suffice for now to say that good people can change - for a price.

I've had few friends - over the years like that.

My advice...hold back and wait. See what the Pentagon has to say, and also for a verification of my queries.

Nuff said.

UPDATE: Welcome Junk Yard Dog readers.

Contrary to the contrary, no one here, least of all myself, is trying to "smear" good ole Ltc. Schaffer or any other Able Danger "witness". I have, since the beginning of this story kept a healthy dose of skeptisim just for the simple fact "it just doens't jive" with over two decades of experience in the trade - so sue me.

Yet one does have to ask, "Why tell the story now?"

Why not in 2004?, 2003, or for god's sake in 2001?" Could it just be about 'someone's' book deal?

As I have posted here, this story is about to wind down one way or another - most likely, it's just going to go away.