Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Monday Morning Intelligence and the NY Times with Kool Aid - 18

AJ Strata has the breaking news on a Pentagon 'reversal' on Able Danger:

"WASHINGTON - The Pentagon appears to have reversed its position on Able Danger, the Army intelligence collection team.

A Pentagon spokesman now says "there's no reason to doubt the specific recollections" of the growing number of team members. The team members say the project had pre-Sept. 11 intelligence on al Qaida, which Defense Department lawyers prohibited them from sharing with the FBI."

Ok, no reason to doubt....hmmmm - no reason to absolutely confirm either.

"Growing number of team members" Double "hmmmmmm"

Haven't grown since JD Smith, who incidently isn't who he said he is (more on that coming).

The rest of the news surrounds what I've said before here, that this was not a program to "scope" AQ, but citizens of the US.

Incidently, you didn't need all the "fancy pants" "Data-mining" tech to do it either. NSA had been/has been doing it for years.

In fact, I know it was talking place as far back as 1984-85; as I actually witnessed the process described here that goes back a lot farther than people realized.

Here are some declassed documents on the Tempest program.

So it isn't new.

If you think the Pentagon is letting this "cat" out of the bag.....heh..

Note: Yes, I'm tracking down the 'statement'

More at Tom Mcguire

Cpt. Ed, believes the time is near for the Pentagon to cough up. (hrrmpt!)

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