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Monday Morning Intelligence with Kool Aid and the NY Times - 4

Another day, more Able Danger....

Michelle Malkin is keeping the tabs on the in and outs.

WAPO this morning:

Washington Post: Sept. 11 Panel Explores Allegations About Atta


The key words....."allegations" outside of all this anonymity and Rep. Weldon, we have squat on verification.

From what I've seen so far, and there is a lot of info (right and wrong) going out all over the blogsphere about this story, yet when you cut it to the chase it gets down at least this:

1. The 9/11 Commission was a clauster f**k, and there isn't any doubt about that. Again, I really hammered them last year bit by bit - piece by piece over Gorelick's participation as well as the overt political mugging they were all doing on the Sunday talk shows in an election year,and especially how they handled the clear Iraqi/Al Qaeda link. So IF they screwed this up, twisted/ignored data - so be it it Frog Marching Time! But before we "line 'em up", let's find out what happened.

But again, like it or not the entire story hinges on the absolute veracity of the existance of "Able Danger".

Please don't tell me it's verified and source me NYT/AP/or other media hasn't been by those who really count. Yeah, we know that commission staffers say there were briefed by "an officer" - alright, where is he/she? Let's here 'em talk for themselves!

This is important because if people really want to take this to the hilt, as it probably will, The Able Danger project needs to be acknowledged by statement issued by the Pentagon and SOC, and not just "verified" by the NYT, AP, Weldon's take, or even "Government Security News" (cripes). In other words we need to SEE the former team members, paperwork, the whole enchilada, EVERYONE involved - on the carpet pronto!

This shouldn't be a problem considering the unit's been disbanded, their work exposed, unclassifed, etc. So what's the hold up, let's take the covers off and let 'em speak for themselves!

Why do I find this so important? Because there a lot is at stake here folks. A lot more than just "being proved right"!

The truth there is a lot of "pent up" emotions by some conservative bloggers on this issue, who are now smelling the "blood in the water" over what they felt (and I agree) was a whitewash on the Clinton Administration's role (or lack of a role) that led to 9/11. To have some "vindication" on their suspicions is the "holy grail", Especially when they can get Clarke/Berger in the bargin!

Man! Vengence is sweet!

But we still need that verification and only those who were involved in the mission can attest to that. Again, I don't care about anonymous sources, documents (that I can't see) shown to anonymous reporters.....I want facts - cold hard facts.

Again, let get some real hearings going - call the witnesses from Able Danger and let's get what needs to be fixed, fixed now! Right now the chatter is picking up for an 9/11 anniversary attack. Our intel men and women ought to be able to work without this crap over their heads, and whatever the facts around the information not getting in the right hands it needs to be addressed, corrected and acted on.

Let's not forget what is important here.

"Never again!"


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